Story Telling



Story Telling
This article contains a free Bible Study resource on the subject of Story Telling. Telling Bible stories is a wonderful way of teaching the Bible. It is ideal for teaching kids and young children of all ages. Even teens and youth groups enjoy story telling sessions, as do adults! 

Story Telling - Telling the Story
Telling the story. Most story-tellers find that it pays to work out carefully and commit to memory the opening and closing sentences of a story; the phrasing is so important here that it should not be left to chance. But the body of the story is better given without prior preparation even if the wording is not as perfect as it could be made by reciting the content.

Story Telling - Rehearse!
Before trying to tell a story before a class, the teacher should rehearse it several times. Nothing but practice will give the ease, certainty, and spontaneity necessary to good story telling. Even professional story tellers realize that they do not tell a new story well until they have told it a number of times. Perhaps this is in part because one never enjoys telling a story until he is sure he can tell it well, and so get a response from his listeners. And one never tells a story really well unless he himself enjoys both the story and its telling. One never brings the full effectiveness of a story to bear on his student unless he himself enters fully into its appreciation, and moves himself while stirring the emotions of those who listen.

Story Telling - The Right Atmosphere
The right atmosphere required. Second in importance only in preparation of telling of the story is the preparing of the class to listen. The right atmosphere of thought, attitude and feeling should be created for the story before it is begun. A primary teacher was about to begin a story whose purpose was to show how God cares for the birds by giving them feathers to keep them warm, wings for swift flying, and cozy nests for their homes, when suddenly a little bird flew in through the classroom window and was killed before the class by dashing against the wall. Of course the right atmosphere for her story was then impossible, and she wisely left it for another time.

Story Telling - The Introduction
The approach to the story can be made by some question or suggestion relating to the pupils' own experience, by a sentence or two of explanation, or by an illustration dealing with matters familiar to the class. But whatever device is used, the introduction should prepare the minds of the class to receive the story by turning their thought in the direction which the story is to take. It is also important that any new terms or unfamiliar situations which are to be used in the story, and which might not be understood by the class, shall be cleared up before the story is begun.

Story Telling - Tools and Devices
Tools and devices of the story-teller.—The skillful story-teller will soon learn to use certain Tools and devices to make the telling more effective.

  • Repetition - One such device is the use of repetition - repeating in the course of the story certain important words or phrases stand out and become emphasized.

  • Pauses - Some of the best story-tellers make effective use of pauses, thus creating a situation of curiosity and suspense in the minds of the listeners. The pause must be neither too long nor too short, nor can any tell just how long it ought to be except from the response of the children themselves, which the teacher must be able to sense accurately and unfailingly.

  • Expression - Much may be added to the effect of stories by skillful use of the various tools of expression, such as facial expression, voice tone, quality, and inflection, and gesture. The use of mimicry, imitation, and impersonation is also very effective if this ability comes naturally to the one who attempts to use it, but these would better be omitted than poorly done!

Story Telling - A Free Christian Bible Study Resource
We hope that  this Story Telling article will provide useful information and ideas for those teaching Bible Study lessons. All articles together with tools, activities, aids and materials and  are designed to be used by an individual or a Christian Bible study group. Many articles will also prove useful as the basis for fun Sunday School lessons for Christian children and kids other topics will prove a useful asset to teens, youth or adults taking a Bible Study course or Biblical degree. All information on this Story Telling page is free to be used as an educational Christian Bible Study resource.

Story Telling

Story Telling

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Story Telling

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