Bible Teaching Overview



Bible Teaching Overview
This article contains a free Bible Study resource on the subject of Bible Teaching Overview. The Bible Teaching overview provides basic background information about the compilation of the Bible. 

Bible Teaching Overview - How we came by the Bible
How we came by the Bible. First of all is the fact that the Bible grew out of religion and the life of the church, and not religion and the church out of the Bible. The Bible is not one book, as many think of it, but a collection of sixty-six books, which happen to be bound together. These sixty-six books were centuries in the making, and they came from widely separated regions. Different ones of them were originally written in different tongues - Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.

Bible Teaching Overview - The Old and the New Testament
The earlier Christians had, of course, only the scriptures of the Old Testament. It was nearly four hundred years after Christ had lived on earth before we had a list of the New Testament books such as our Bible now contains. In the middle of the second century only about half of the present New Testament was in use as a part of the Scriptures. Some of the books which we now include were at one time or another omitted by the Christian scholars, and several books were at one time accorded a place which are not now accepted as a part of the Bible. The authorship of a considerable number of the books of the Bible is unknown, and even the exact period to which they belong is uncertain.

Bible Teaching Overview - The Different Writers
The different writers wrote with different purposes—one was a historian; another a poet; another, as Paul, a theologian; another a preacher; another a teller of stories and myths, or a user of parables. Paul wrote his letters to local churches or to individuals, to answer immediate questions or meet definite conditions and needs. Jesus left no written word, so far as we know, and the first written accounts we have of his life and work were begun forty or fifty years after his death.

Bible Teaching Overview - A Free Christian Bible Study Resource
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Bible Teaching Overview

Bible Teaching Overview

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  • Bible Teaching Overview 

Bible Teaching Overview

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