The Bible Teacher



The Bible Teacher
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The Bible Teacher should know the Bible
The teacher and the Bible. The teacher should know the Bible. This means far more than to know its text and characters. The Bible is history, it is literature, it is a treatise on morals, it is philosophy, it is a repository of spiritual wisdom, it is a handbook of inspiration and guidance.

The Bible Teacher - Knowledge of Jewish Nation
To master the Bible one must have a background of knowledge of the life and history of its times. He must enter into the spirit and genius of the Hebrew nation, know their aspirations, their political and economic problems, and understand their tragedies and sufferings. He must know the historical and social setting of the Jewish people, the nations and civilizations that surrounded them, and the customs, mode of life, and trend of thought of contemporaneous peoples.

The Bible Teacher - Knowledge of Ancient History
Not all of these things can be learned from the Bible itself. One must make use of the various helps and commentaries now available to Bible students. The religions of ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, Greece, and Rome should be studied. Ancient literatures should be placed under tribute, and every means employed to gain a working knowledge of the social medium out of which the Christian religion developed.

The Bible Teacher
The teacher's knowledge of children. It is the business of the teacher to understand how the child thinks.

  • What is the child's concept of God?

  • What is the character of the child's prayer?

  • How does the child feel when he takes part in the acts of worship?

  • We talk to the child about serving God; what is the child's understanding of service to God?

  • We seek to train the child to loyalty to the church; what does the church stand for to the child?

  • We teach the child about sin and forgiveness; just what is the child's comprehension of sin, and what does he understand by forgiveness?

  • We tell the child that he must love God and the Christ; can a child control his affections as he will, or do they follow the trend of his thoughts and experiences?

These are not idle questions. They are questions that must be answered by every teacher who would be more than the blind leader of the blind. A major quality of a great teacher is the ability on the part of the teacher to step over in his imagination and take the place of the child. To look at the task with the child's mind and understanding, to feel the appeal of a lesson or story through the child's emotions.

The Bible Teacher
The Bible teacher should ask himself the following questions:

  • What is my craftsmanship in instruction?

  • Do I know how to present this material so that it will take hold upon my class?

  • Do I know the technique of the recitation hour, and the principles of good teaching?

  • Have I read what the scholars have written and what the experience of others has to teach me?

  • Have I definitely planned and sought for skill?

  • Is my work in the classroom the best that I can make it?

The Bible Teacher - A Free Christian Bible Study Resource
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Bible Teacher

Bible Teacher

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Bible Teacher

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