Teaching the Bible



Teaching the Bible

Teaching the Bible
Our Teaching the Bible section provides helpful information on all of the following topics - just click one of the following links to access the Teaching resources in this section:

Teaching the Bible
This section provides a variety of ideas on Teaching the Bible. A guide on Teaching the Bible with helpful tools, resources, activities and aids. The best techniques and best methods to use when you Teach the Bible with ideas on plans and programs. Enjoy study in the comfort of your own home or with a Bible Study group. Ideas for adults, teens, youth, children and kids with different ideas, materials and the best resources to suit all ages. Learn Teaching the Bible effectively and have fun while you are learning! Enjoy the study of the Bible with family and friends or on an individual basis. 

Teaching and the Teacher
Our Teaching section provides a guideline for teachers. The teacher should know the Bible. This means far more than to know its text and characters. The Bible is history, it is literature, it is a treatise on morals, it is philosophy, it is a repository of spiritual wisdom, it is a handbook of inspiration and guidance.

Teaching the Bible - Teaching Program
Our Teaching section provides a template for a Teaching program. This Program template can be prepared for individual lessons or a whole series of Biblical Lessons. Once a Program has been completed it can be used over and over again when teaching Biblical lessons to a completely different class. Get organised with this sample program which will save time in the future and ensure a consistent way of teaching Biblical lessons and successfully achieving your aims and objectives.

Teaching - Aims and Objectives
Our Teaching section provides tips and hints and a helpful guide to setting aims and objectives for teaching the Bible.

Teaching Methods and Techniques
Our Teaching section provides descriptions of different methods and techniques available. Teaching methods and techniques include the story, topic, lecture and question and answer methods.

Teaching Tools
Our Teaching section provides descriptions of the many tools that can be used in lessons or for self-study methods. Some of the most popular tools used by kids, young children, youth groups, teens and adults are detailed.

Teaching Lesson Plan
Our Teaching section provides a free template to create your own personalised lesson plans - just add graphics and logos if required. There is also a description of how the plan should be completed.

Teaching the Bible - Story Telling
Our Teaching section provides useful hints, tips and a guide to story telling and how to implement this effective form of teaching. Contains sections on rehearsal, creating the right atmosphere, effective techniques and tools.

Teaching - Selecting Material for teaching children
Our Teaching section provides a useful guide of which sections of the Bible are suitable for teaching children and young kids.

Teaching Preparation
Our checklist will help you to ensure that your Bible Lesson preparation is complete and will help you to run a highly effective lesson without any problems.

Teaching and Questioning Techniques
One of the most important skills of a teacher is a well developed questioning technique. What are open questions? What are closed questions? What are redirect questions? What Types of Questions to avoid!

We have some good ideas on Teaching the Bible effectively.  These include ideas and resources for kids, children, teens, youth groups, individuals and adults. Many sections will especially appeal to beginners however, their are other sections providing in depth information and facts to assist in Biblical studies. Great ideas for Biblical topics, lessons and studies with different research methods to include in study plans and programs. 

Teaching the Bible- A Free Christian Bible Study Resource
We hope that  this Teaching the Bible section will provide useful information and ideas for following a Christian Bible Study plan. All articles on the subject of Teaching the Bible together with tools, activities, aids and materials and  are designed to be used by an individual or a Christian Bible study group. Many articles will also prove useful as the basis for fun Sunday School lessons for children and kids other topics will prove a useful asset to teens, youth or adults taking a Bible Study course or Biblical degree. All information, including this section on Teaching the Bible, is free to be used as an educational Christian Bible Study resource.

Teaching the Bible



Teaching the Bible

  • Teaching the Bible - Free Study resource with great ideas for different topics and activities

  • Ideal for Christian adults, children, kids, teens and youth groups

  • Help with spiritual growth

  • Tips, techniques, methods, plans, aids, guide, activities, games resource for learning about the Scriptures

  • Teaching plans and programs

  • Discussion topics to aid Scripture studies

  • Biblical facts and information for Christian students

Teaching the Bible

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