Palestine, the Land of Jesus



Palestine, the Land of Jesus
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Palestine, the Land of Jesus - Location
Of all lands Palestine was the most fitted to be the scene person and work of Jesus Christ, as before it was fitted to be the abode of the people chosen to receive and preserve the revelations that prepared the way for that final manifestation. At once central and secluded

  • at the junction of the three great continents of the Old World, Asia, Africa and Europe

  • the highway of nations in war and commerce

  • touching mighty powers on every hand, Egypt, Syria, Assyria, kingdoms of Asia Minor

  • as formerly more ancient empires, Hittite and Babylonian, now in contact with Greece and Rome

  • enclosed by mountain, desert, Jordan gorge, and Great Sea, from ready entrance of foreign influences.

Palestine, the Land of Jesus - Its Divisions
Palestine, in the Roman period, was divided into four well-defined provinces or districts

  • Judaea, with Jerusalem as its center, in the South, the strong-hold of Jewish conservatism

  • Samaria, in the middle, peopled from Assyrian times by mixed settlers (2 Kings 17:24-34), heathen in origin, yet now professing the Jewish religion, claiming Jewish descent (compare John 4:12), possessing a copy of the law (Sam Pentateuch), and a temple of their own at Gerizim (the original temple, built by Manasseh, circa 409 BC, was destroyed by John Hyrcanus, 109 BC)

  • Galilee--"Galilee of the Gentiles" (Matthew 4:15; compare Isaiah 9:1) in the North, the chief scene of Christ's ministry, freer and more cosmopolitan in spirit, through a large infusion of Gentile population, and contact with traders, etc., of varied nationalities

  • Western Palestine, while on the East, "beyond Jordan," was Peraea, divided up into Peraea proper, Batanea, Gaulonitis, Ituraea, Trachonitis, Decapolis, etc. (compare Matthew 4:25; 19:1; Luke 3:1). he feeling of bitterness between Jews and Samaritans was intense (John 4:9)

Palestine, the Land of Jesus - The Language

  • The language of the people throughout was Aramaic  but a knowledge of the Greek tongue was widely diffused, especially in the North, where intercourse with Greek-speaking peoples was habitual (the New Testament writings are in Greek).

  • Jesus doubtless used the native dialect in His ordinary teaching, but it is highly probable that He also knew Greek, and was acquainted with Old Testament Scriptures in that language (the Septuagint). In this case He may have sometimes used it in His preaching

Palestine, the Land of Jesus - Political Situation
The miserable story of the Jewish people in the century succeeding the great persecution of Antiochus Epiphanes and the Maccabean revolt was a story made up of faction, intrigue, wars, murders, massacres, of growing degeneracy of rulers and nation, of repeated sackings of Jerusalem and terrible slaughters

Until Herod, the Idumean, misnamed "the Great," ascended the throne by favor of the Romans (37 BC). Rome's power, first invited by Judas Maccabeus (161 BC), was finally established by Pompey's capture of Jerusalem (63 BC). Herod's way to the throne was tracked by crime and bloodshed, and murder of those most nearly related to him marked every step in his advance. His taste for splendid buildings--palace, temple (Matthew 24:1; John 2:20), fortresses, cities (Sebaste, Caesarea, etc.)--and lavish magnificence of his royal estate and administration, could not conceal the hideousness of his crafty, unscrupulous selfishness, his cold-blooded cruelty, his tyrannous oppression of his subjects. "Better be Herod's hog than his son " was the comment of Augustus, when he heard of the dying king's unnatural doings.

Palestine, the Land of Jesus - Changes in Territory - The Rulers
At the time of Christ's birth, the whole of Palestine was united under Herod's rule, but on Herod's death, after a long reign of 37 (or, counting from his actual accession, 34) years, his dominions were, in accordance with his will, confirmed by Rome, divided.

  • Judea and Samaria (a few towns excepted) fell to his son Archelaus (Matthew 2:22), with the title of "ethnarch"

  • Galilee and Perea were given to Herod Antipas, another son, with the title of "tetrarch" (Matthew 14:1; Luke 3:1,19; 23:7; Acts 13:1)

  • Herod Philip, a third son, received Iturea, Trachonitis, and other parts of the northern trans-Jordanic territory, likewise as "tetrarch" (Luke 3:1; )

A few years later, the tyranny of Archelaus provoked an appeal of his subjects to Augustus, and Archelaus, summoned to Rome, was banished to Gaul (7 AD). Thereafter Judea, with Samaria, was governed by a Roman procurator, under the oversight of the prefect of Syria.

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Palestine, the Land of Jesus

Palestine, the Land of Jesus

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Palestine, the Land of Jesus

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