List of Parables



List of Parables
This List of Parables is ideal for Bible Study for Adults, Teens and Children and is a free, printable Bible Study resource which can be used for Bible lessons and at a Christian Sunday School. The List of Parables are taken from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, taken from the New Testament.

List of Parables - What are Parables?
What are Parables? Definition of Parables: Parables are short, succinct stories that illustrates a moral or religious lesson. They are a type of analogy. The Parables by Jesus, detailed in the following the list of Parables, were used to convey his religious message.

List of Parables
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List of Parables Matthew Mark Luke
The SowerMatthew 13:1,2Mark 4:1-20Luke 8:1-18
The Wheat and the TaresMatthew 13:24-30  
The Mustard SeedMatthew 13:31,32Mark 4:31,32 
The Seed Planted in the Ground Mark 4:26-29 
The LeavenMatthew 13:33  
The Concealed TreasureMatthew 13:44  
The PearlMatthew 13:47-50  
The Casting of the Net into the SeaMatthew 13:47-50  
The Two Debtors  Luke 7:40-43
The Unforgiving ServantMatthew 18:23-35  
The Good Samaritan  Luke 10:25-37
The Friend at Midnight  Luke 11:5-13
The Rich Fool   Luke 12:16-21
The Wedding Feast  Luke 12:36-38
The Fig Tree  Luke 13:6-9
The Lost Sheep  Luke 15: 3-7
The Great Supper  Luke 14:16-24
The Lost Coin  Luke 15:8-10
The Prodigal Son  Luke 15:11-32
The Unjust Steward  Luke 16:1-12
The Rich Man and Lazarus  Luke 16:19-31
The Unjust Judge  Luke 18:1-17
The Pharisee and the Publican  Luke 18:9-14
The Laborers in the VineyardMatthew 20:1-16  
The Pounds  Luke 19:11-27
The Two SonsMatthew 21:28-32  
The TenantsMatthew 21:33-46Mark 12:1-12Luke 20:9-18
The Marriage FeastMatthew 22:1-13  
The Wise and Foolish VirginsMatthew 25:1-13  
The TalentMatthew 25:14-30  
The Sheep and the GoatsMatthew 25:31-46  
List of Parables Matthew Mark Luke

List of Parables
The List of Parables detail a series of famous Biblical parables by Jesus. This List of Parables appear in the Christian Holy Bible. The most famous of these wonderful stories on the list is the The Good Samaritan for which we have also provided a Good Samaritan Bible Story and Good Samaritan Bible Lesson.

List of Parables - A Free Christian Bible Study Resource
We hope that  the List of Parables will provide useful for Bible Study ideas for adults, teens, children and young kids. This List of Parables is ideal  for children together with tools, activities, aids and materials on this website  are designed to be used by an individual or a Christian Bible study group for Bible lessons for young children. The List of Parables will also prove useful as the basis for Sunday School lessons for Christian children and small kids. A free educational Christian Bible Study resource for adults, teens and young children.

List of Parables

List of Parables

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  • List of Parables

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List of Parables

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