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Zephaniah Bible Study - The Prophet
He is a son of Cushi, a descendant of Hezekiah, and prophesied about 630 B. C. during the reign of Josiah. His prophesies may have aided in inaugurating and in carrying to success the reforms of Josiah. His name means "hid of the Lord" in he is supposed to have been a contemporary of Habakkuk.

Zephaniah Bible Study - The Prophecy
The prophecy seems to be based upon the ravages of the Scythians, whom the nations had come to fear and whom Egypt had bribed, and looks to the judgment of the Lord which cannot be escaped. Its theme, therefore, is "The great day of the Lord" in which suffering will come upon all nations with which the prophet is familiar, Jerusalem and all Judea included. Converts would be won from all parts of the world and these could worship Jehovah, "every one from his place".

Zephaniah Bible Study - Analysis
I. The Coming Day of Wrath. Chapter 1.

1. The destruction of all things, 1-6.

2. The severe punishment of Judah, 7-18.

II. Judgment Upon Evil Nations, 2:1-3:7.

1. A plea for repentance, 2:1-3.

2. The doom that shall engulf the nations, 2:4-end.

3. Judah's obstinacy in sin, 3:1-7.

III. Promised Blessing for the Faithful Remnant, 3:8-20

1. Because of Israel's sin, the nation will be cleansed by punishment and converted to God, 3:3-10.

2. Purified Israel shall be honored in all the earth, 3:11-20.

Zephaniah Bible Study - For Study and Discussion
(1) Gather a list of all that is said to induce repentance or the turning away from evil.
(2) What sins are condemned in Judah and other nations. Make a list of them.
(3) Name the special classes that are condemned, as princes.
(4) Make a list of the blessings promised for the coming Messianic days.
(5) The purpose of the Lord's judgments.

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Zephaniah Bible Study

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