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Proverbs Bible Study - Practical Value of the Book of Proverbs
The proverbs emphasize the external religious life. They teach how to practice religion and overcome the daily temptations. They express a belief in God and his rule over the universe and, therefore, seek to make his religion the controlling motive in life and conduct. They breathe a profound religious spirit and a lofty religious conception, but put most stress upon the doing of religion in all the relations of life. Davison says: "For the writers of Proverbs religion means good sense, religion means mastery of affairs, religion means strength and manliness and success, religion means a well furnished intellect employing the best means to accomplish the highest ends." This statement is correct as far as the side of duty emphasized is concerned.

Proverbs Bible Study - Nature of Proverbs
(1) There is a voice of wisdom which speaks words of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, prudence, subtility, instruction, discretion and the fear of Jehovah, and furnishes us with good advice for every condition of life. (2) There is a voice of folly, which speaks words of folly, simplicity, stupidity, ignorance, brutishness and villainy, and lifts her voice wherever wisdom speaks. (3) Wisdom is contrasted with folly, which often issues in simplicity and scorning. (4) Wisdom is personified, as if it were God speaking about the practical, moral, intellectual and religious duties of men. (5) Christ finds Himself in the book, Lu. 24:27, and if Christ be substituted for wisdom, where it is found, a new and wonderful power will be seen in the book.

Proverbs Bible Study - Scheme of the Considerations Found in Proverbs
The first sphere-the home, father and children, 1:8-9 and Chapters 2-7. Key-word here is "my son." The second sphere-friendship; companions is the important word. 1:10-19. The third sphere-the world beyond.

Proverbs Bible Study - Analysis
I. Praise of Wisdom. Chapters 1-9. This is shown by contrast with folly.

1. The design and some fundamental maxims, 1:1-19.

2. Wisdom's warnings, 1:20 end.

3. Wisdom will reveal God and righteousness and save one from wicked men and strange women, Chapter 2.

4. Description of the life of wisdom, Chapter 3.

5. Wisdom the best way, Chapter 4.

6. The strange woman, Chapter 5.

7. Against various evils, Chapter 6.

8. Wisdom's warnings against the seductions of an adulterous, Chapter 7.

9. Wisdom makes an appeal, Chapter 8.

10. Wisdom gives her invitations, Chapter 9.

II. Practical Proverbs of Solomon. 10:1-22:16. These are separate and cannot be classified.

III. Words of the Wise. 22:17-24 end. Sometimes called commendations of justice. There are several authors, but no common topic.

IV. Proverbs of Solomon, copied by the scribes of Hezekiah, Chapters 25- 29.

V. Words of Agur. Chapter 30. From one who has tried "to find out God unto perfection and found the task above him."

VI. Words of Lemuel, Chapter 31.

1. The duty of Kings, 1-9.

2. The praise of a virtuous woman or good wife, 10-31.

Proverbs Bible Study - For Study and Discussion
(1) Collect passages that tell of the rewards of virtue and piety.
(2) Cite passages that show the evils of: sloth or indolence, of wine-drinking and drunkenness, of tale-bearing, of family contentions.
(3) Make a list of the chief thoughts of the book concerning God, man, and other great religious teachings of our day.
(4) What is said of a man who rules his own spirit, of a good name, of obedience to parents, of fitly spoken words, of a beautiful woman who lacks discretion, of a liberal soul, of a false balance, of a soft answer, of a wise son. Find where the answers are found
(5) The Peril of following an unchaste love (woman), chapter 5.
(6) Folly of yielding to the wiles of an harlot, chapter 7.
(7) The description of a worthy woman, 31:10 end.

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