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This article contains a Bible Study guide and free resource for lessons on the subject of Bible Study Books of the Bible including this article on Nehemiah Bible Study. This page which covers Nehemiah Bible Study is suitable for those requiring an outline for Nehemiah Bible Study. The facts and information provide an outline for Nehemiah Bible Study guide by chapter and verse and the purpose of this book of the Bible. This lesson allows the student to become acquainted with the important content of the verses and chapters of this Book of the Bible. Another feature in this guide is the provision of questions for Bible study and topics for discussion. Much of the content of this section of 'Bible Study Books of the Bible' is taken from the The Bible Book by Book by J.B. Tidwell and is an ideal resource for use in Bible Study groups conducting Nehemiah Bible Study. 

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Nehemiah Bible Study - Name
Ezra and Nehemiah were formerly counted as one book and contain the account of the restoration of the exiles to Jerusalem and the re- establishment of their worship. They soon came to be called First and Second Ezra. Jerome first called the second book Nehemiah. Wycliffe called them the first and second Esdras and later they were called the books of Esdras otherwise the Nehemiahs. The present names were first given in the Geneva Bible (1560). Ezra is so called from the author and principal character, the name meaning "help". Nehemiah is so called from the principal character, whose name means "Jehovah comforts."

Nehemiah Bible Study - Other Books
Three other books should be read in connection with this study. (1) The book of Esther, which relates to this time and should be read between chapters 6 and 7 of the book of Ezra. (2) The books of Haggai and Zechariah. These two prophets were associated with the first return of Zerubbabel and their words incited the Jews to complete the temple in spite of opposition.

Nehemiah Bible Study - The Return from Captivity
The return consisted of three expeditions led respectively by Zerubbabel. Ezra and Nehemiah. The time covered can not be accurately calculated. It is probably not fewer than ninety years. Some think it may have been as many as one hundred and ten years.

Nehemiah Bible Study - Analysis of Nehemiah
I. The Rebuilding of the Wall, Chapters 1-7.

1. Nehemiah permitted to go to Jerusalem, 1-2.

2. The work on the walls and its hindrance, 3-7.

II. The Covenant to Keep the Law, Chapters 8-10.

1. The law read, 8.

2. Confession made, 9.

3. The covenant made, 10.

III. The Walls Dedicated and Nehemiah's Reform, Chapters 11-13.

1. Those who dwelt in the city, 11:1-12:26.

2. The walls dedicated, 12:27-47 end.

3. Evils corrected, Chapter 13.

Nehemiah Bible Study - For Study and Discussion
(1) Point out elements of strength in the character and work of Nehemiah.
(2) The greatness and difficulty of Nehemiah's task, (a) the rubbish, (b) the size and length of the wall, (c) the strength of their enemies.
(3) The reforms of Nehemiah, (a) religious, (b) moral, (c) political.
(4) The public meeting and new festival, 8:1-18.
(5) The covenant 9:1-10:39.
(6) The re-peopling of Jerusalem, Chapters 11-12.

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