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Jude Bible Study - The Author
The author is named as Jude, the brother of James. He probably means the James wrote the epistle of that name and is, therefore, the Lord's brother.

Jude Bible Study - Purpose
False teachers were boldly teaching their heresies in the meetings of the congregation. These men were also very immoral in conduct and the epistle is written to expose their errors and to exhort his readers to contend for the true faith and to live worthy lives. In many points it is very similar to the second letter of Peter.

Jude Bible Study - Date
It was probably written about A. D. 66. At any rate it must have been written before A. D. 70 when Jerusalem was destroyed, as Jude would hardly have failed to mention that event along with other examples of punishment, 5-7.

Jude Bible Study - Analysis
Introduction, 1-4.

I. The Fate of Wicked Disturbers, 5-16.

1. God punishes the wicked, 5-7.

2. He will destroy these men, 8-16.

II. How to Contend For the Faith, 17-23.

1. Be mindful of the enemies, 17-19.

2. Be strong (built up in the faith), 20-21.

3. Maintain an evangelistic spirit, 22-23.

Conclusion, 24-25.

Jude Bible Study - For Study and Discussion
(1) Make a list of all the words and phrases occurring in threes, as mercy, love, peace, or Cain, Baalam, Korah.
(2) Make a list of all the different things taught about the evil workers mentioned, 8-10, 12, 13. 16, 19.
(3) What the apostles had foretold concerning them.

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