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This article contains a Bible Study guide and free resource for lessons on the subject of Bible Study Books of the Bible including this article on Genesis Bible Study. This page which covers Genesis Bible Study is suitable for those requiring an outline for Genesis Bible Study. The facts and information provide an outline for Genesis Bible Study guide by chapter and verse and the purpose of this book of the Bible. This lesson allows the student to become acquainted with the important content of the verses and chapters of this Book of the Bible. Another feature in this guide is the provision of questions for Bible study and topics for discussion. Much of the content of this section of 'Bible Study Books of the Bible' is taken from the The Bible Book by Book by J.B. Tidwell and is an ideal resource for use in Bible Study groups conducting Genesis Bible Study. 

Genesis Bible Study - Name
The Name of Genesis means beginning, origin, or creation.

Genesis Bible Study - Subject
The leading thought, therefore, is creation and we should study it with a view to finding out everything, the beginning of which is recorded in it. We have the record of:

(1) The beginning of the world which God created.
(2) The beginning of man as the creature of God.
(3) The beginning of sin, which entered the world through the disobedience of man.
(4) The beginning of redemption, seen alike in the promises and types of the book and in the chosen family.
(5) The beginning of condemnation, seen in the destruction and punishment of individuals, cities and the world.

Genesis Bible Study - The Purpose
The chief purpose of the book is to write a religious history, showing how, after man had fallen into sin, God began to give him a religion and to unfold to him a plan of salvation. In doing this God is revealed as Creator, Preserver, Law-Giver, Judge and Merciful Sovereign.

Genesis Bible Study - The Importance of Genesis to Science
While the book does not attempt to explain many matters which are left to investigation, it does set out several facts which indicate the general plan of the universe and furnish a basis for scientific research. Among the more important things indicated are that:
(1) There was a beginning of things.
(2) Things did not come by chance.
(3) There is a Creator who continues to take interest in and control the universe.
(4) There was orderly progress in creation from the less and more simple to the greater and more complex.
(5) Everything else was brought into existence for man who is the crowning work of creation.

Genesis Bible Study - The Religious Importance of the Book
The germ of all truth which is unfolded in the scripture is found in Genesis and to know well this book is to know God's plan for the blessing of man. Above all we learn about the nature and work of God.

Genesis Bible Study - Analysis
The germ of all truth which is unfolded in the scripture is found in Genesis and to know well this book is to know God's plan for the blessing of man. Above all we learn about the nature and work of God.

I. Creation, Chapters 1-2.
1. Creation in general, Chapter 1.
2. Creation of man in particular, Chapter 2.
II. Fall. Chapter 3.
1. Temptation, 1-5.
2. Fall, 6-8.
3. Lord's appearance, 9-13.
4. Curse, 14-21. 5. Exclusion from the garden, 22-24.
III. Flood, Chapters 4-9.
1. Growth of sin through Cain, 4:1-24.
2. Genealogy of Noah, 4: 25-5 end.
3. Building of the Ark, Chapter 6.
4. Occupying the Ark, Chapter 7.
5. Departure from the Ark, Chapter 8.
6. Covenant with Noah, Chapter 9.
IV. Nations, 10:1-11:9.
1. Basis of Nations, Noah's sons, Chapter 10. How?
2. Occasion of forming the nations, 11:1-9. Why?
V. Abraham, 11:10-25:18.
1. Genealogy of Abram from Shem, 11:10 end.
2. Call and promise, Chapter 12.
3. Abraham and Lot, Chapters 13-14.
4. Covenant, 15: 1-18: 15.
5. Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, 18:16-19 end.
6. Lives at Gerar, Chapter 20.
7. Birth of Isaac, Chapter 21.
8. Sacrifice of Isaac, Chapter 22.
9. Death of Sarah, Chapter 23.
10. Marriage of Isaac, Chapter 24.
11. Death of Abraham and Ishmael, 25:1-18.
VI. Isaac. 26:19-36 end.
1. His two sons, 25:19 end.
2. Divine covenant. Chapter 26.
3. Jacob's deception, Chapter 27.
4. Jacob's flight into Haran, Chapter 28.
5. Jacob's marriage and prosperity, Chapters 20-30.
6. Jacob's return to Canaan. Chapters, 31-35.
7. Generations of Esau, Chapter 36.
VII. Jacob, including Joseph, Chapters 37-50.
1. Jacob and Joseph, Chapters 37-45.
2. Sojourn in Egypt, Chapters 46-48.
3. Death of Jacob and Joseph, Chapters 49-50.

Genesis Bible Study - For Study and Discussion
(1) All that we may learn from this book concerning the nature and work of God.
(2) The different things the origin of which this book tells: (a) Inanimate things, (b) Plant life, (c) Animal life, (d) Human life, (e) Devices for comfort and safety, (f) Sin and its varied effects, (g) Various trades and manners of life, (h) Redemption, (i) Condemnation.
(3) Worship as it appears in Genesis, its form and development.
(4) The principal men of the book and the elements of weakness and strength in the character of each. The teacher may make a list and assign them for study to different pupils.
(5) List the disappointments, family troubles and sorrows of Jacob, and study them in the light of his early deception and fraud.
(6) The over-ruling divine providence seen in the career of Joseph, with the present day lessons from the incidents of his life. (7) The fundamental value of faith in the life and destiny of men.
(8) The Messianic promises, types and symbols of the entire book. List and classify them.

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