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2 Samuel Bible Study - Name
The name is taken from the history of the life of Samuel recorded in the early part of the book. It means "asked of God." The two were formerly one book and called the "First Book of Kings," the two books of Kings being one book and called Second Kings. Samuel and Kings form a continuous story, and give us a record of the rise, glory and fall of the Jewish Monarchy.

2 Samuel Bible Study -
In this book, there is given the story of the career of David while king of Israel. He was the strongest king Israel ever had and was characterized as a fine executive, a skillful soldier and of a deeply religious disposition. He was not without his faults, but in spite of them developed a great empire.

2 Samuel Bible Study - Analysis
I. His Reign Over Judah a Hebren, Chapters 1-4.

II. His reign Over All Israel, Chapters 5-10.

III. His Great Sin and Its Results, Chapters 11-20.

IV. An Appendix, Chapters 21-34.

2 Samuel Bible Study - For Study and Discussion
(1) How David became king.
(2) His victories in war.
(3) His great sin and some of its consequences.
(4) His kindness toward his enemies (see also his attitude toward Saul recorded in First Samuel).
(5) The kindness of God as illustrated by the story of David's kindness to Mephibosheth, Chapter 9.
(6) David's psalm of praise, Chapters 22-23.
(7) The different occasions when David showed a penitent spirit (8) The great pestilence. Chapter 24.

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2 Samuel Bible Study

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2 Samuel Bible Study

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