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1 Peter Bible Study

2 Peter Bible Study - The Author
The author was the Apostle Peter, whose name before he became a disciple, was Simon. He was born in Bethsaida and lived in Capernaum where he followed the occupation of fishing. He was brought to Jesus by Andrew, his brother, and became one of the leaders of the Apostles, both before and after Christ's death. His career should be studied as it is found in Acts. He was impetuous, brave and energetic, and after the ascension performed many miracles.

2 Peter Bible Study - The Occasion
The occasion of the epistle is found in the harm being done to the church by false teachers, who were of two classes, the libertines and the mockers about whom he warns.

2 Peter Bible Study - Purpose
Its purpose was to exhort them to Christian growth and to warn them against false teachers.

2 Peter Bible Study - Comparison with First Peter
It has no reference to Christ's death, suffering, resurrection and ascension. Glance through 1 Peter again to see how often these are mentioned. The spirit manifested is one of anxiety, severity, and denunciation, white in 1 Peter it is one of mildness, sweetness and fatherly dignity. It connects the second coming of Christ with the punishment of the wicked, while 1 Peter connects it with the glorification of the saints. Its key-note is knowledge, while that of 1 Peter is hope.

2 Peter Bible Study - Some Teachings
(1) To be holy, not to secure an inheritance, but because we already have it. (2) To love the brethren, not to purify our soul, but because it is pure. (3) That we sacrifice, not as penance, but as an expression of praise.

2 Peter Bible Study - Analysis
Introduction, 1:1-2.

I. Progress in the Christian Life, 1:3-21 end.

1. An exhortation to growth, 3-11.

2. Reasons for these exhortations, 12-21.

II. False Teachers, Chapter 2.

1. The evil teachers and their followers, 1-3.

2. Their punishment, 5-10.

3. Their character, evil ways and end, 11-32.

III. The Second Coming of Christ, 3:1-13. He will bring both blessings and destruction.

Conclusion, 3:14-18.

2 Peter Bible Study - For Study and Discussion
(1) What our salvation involves, 1:5-11.
(2) The characteristics of the false teachers, 2:1-3, 10, 12-14.
(3) The certain punishment of these false teachers, 2:4-6, 15, 16, 21, 22.
(4) The exhortations of the book such as to sobriety, 1:13.
(5) The predictions of the book.

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