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2 Corinthians Bible Studies 

2 Corinthians Bible Study - The Occasion and Purpose of the Letter
From suggestions found here and there in these two epistles it appears that much communication passed between Paul and the church and that the two letters that have come down to us are only some of a series. He suffered much perplexity and grief because of the conditions of the church. He met Titus in Macedonia on the third missionary journey (he had hoped for him with news from Corinth while he was at Troas). He wrote this letter in response to the messages brought by Titus. He expresses solicitude for them, defends himself against the charges of his enemies, warns them against errors, instructs them in matters of duty and expresses joy that they have heeded his former advice.

2 Corinthians Bible Study - The Character and Content
It is the least systematic of all Paul's epistles. It abounds in emotion, showing mingled joy, grief and indignation. It is intensely personal and from it we, therefore, learn more of his life and character than from any other source. This makes it of great value in any study of Paul himself. Section one has as its great topic tribulation and consolation in tribulation, and has in it an undercurrent of apology, darkened by a suppressed indignation. Section two is colored by a sorrowful emotion. Section three everywhere teems with a feeling of indignation. Through the whole letter there runs an undercurrent of self-defense. The "key-note" of this book, as well as of First Corinthians, is loyalty to Christ.

2 Corinthians Bible Study - Date
It was written from Macedonia (probably Philippi) fall of A.D. 57.

2 Corinthians Bible Study - Analysis
Introduction, 1:1-7.

I. Paul's Trials, Principles and Consolation as a Preacher, 1:8- 7:16.

1. His interest in the Corinthian church. 1:8-2:11.

2. His service both to God and men, 2:12 end.

3. His appointment by the Holy Spirit, Chapter 3.

4. His power given by God, Chapter 4.

5. His hope of future blessedness, 5:1-19.

6. His exhortation and appeal to the church. 5:20-7:4.

7. His joy at their reception of the word, 7:5 end.

II. The Collection for the Poor Saints, Chapters 8-9.

1. The appeal for liberality, 8:1-15.

2. The sending of Titus and two other brethren, 8:16-9:5.

3. The Blessedness of liberality, 9:6 end.

III. Paul's Apostolic Authority. 10:1-13:10.

1. He vindicates his apostolic authority, 10:1-12:13.

2. He warns them that his coming will be with apostolic authority, 12:14-13:10.

Conclusion, 13:11 end.

2 Corinthians Bible Study - For Study and Discussion
(1) Paul's reasons for not going to Corinth, 1:15-2:4.
(2) The glory of the gospel ministry, 4:1-6.
(3) His affectionate injunction, 6:11-18.
(4) The grace of liberality, Chapters 8-9. Make a list of (a) ways of cultivating this grace, (b) the blessings it will bring to the possessor, to others and to the whole church.
(5) Paul's boasting, 11:16-12:20. (a) Of what things did he boast? (b) When is boasting justifiable?
(6) Paul's self-defense? When should we defend ourselves?
(7) The vision of the third heaven, 12:1-4.
(8) The thorn in the flesh, 12:7-9.
(9) The personal attacks on Paul. Note the hints in 2:17; 4:3; 5:3; 10:8; 10:10; 11:6.

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