New Testament Quiz Two Answers

New Testament Quiz Two Answers

  1. Jesus and the .. of Samaria
    Answer: Woman

  2. The of Lazarus
    Answer: Resurrection

  3. Mary
    Answer: Magdalene

  4. The . Supper
    Answer: Last

  5. The ..... in the Garden
    Answer: Agony

  6. Jesus in the ...... of Gethsemane
    Answer: Garden

  7.  The .. by Judas Iscariot
    Answer: Betrayal

  8.  Christ .. under the Cross
    Answer: Fainting

  9.  .. of the Crucifixion
    Answer: Close

  10.  The of Jesus
    Answer: Burial

  11.  The Angel at the
    Answer: Sepulchre

  12.  The Journey to
    Answer: Emmaus

  13. Jesus Meets the
    Answer: Greeks

  14.  The Martyrdom of St. .
    Answer: Stephen

  15.  Jesus Condemns
    Answer: Hypocrisy

  16. Jesus and the Widow's .
    Answer: Mite

  17.  The  .. of St. Peter
    Answer: Deliverance

  18. Jesus Speaks in ..
    Answer: Parables

  19.  Paul At .
    Answer: Ephesus

  20. Jesus in the
    Answer: Temple

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