New Testament Quiz Three Answers

New Testament Quiz Three Answers

  1. Birth of ..
    Answer: Jesus

  2. From Herod
    Answer: Escape

  3. The Jesus
    Answer: Boy

  4. Jesus .. by John
    Answer: Baptized

  5. Jesus in the .
    Answer: Wilderness

  6. the Lamb of God
    Answer: Behold

  7. Miracle of Turning the Water Into .
    Answer: Wine

  8. .. and Nicodemus
    Answer: Jesus

  9. Jesus and the .. of Samaria
    Answer: Woman

  10. Miracle at . in Galilee
    Answer: Cana

  11. Jesus Reads in the .. Synagogue
    Answer: Nazareth

  12. Jesus at the of Galilee
    Answer: Sea

  13. on the Mount
    Answer: Sermon

  14. Miracle of the ..
    Answer: Leper

  15. Matthew is ...... by Jesus
    Answer: Called

  16. Jesus in the on the Sabbath
    Answer: Cornfield

  17. Jesus & the Disciples
    Answer: Twelve

  18. Blind Leading the .. Parable
    Answer: Blind

  19. The Centurion's . Healed
    Answer: Servant

  20. Doubting
    Answer: Thomas

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