New Testament Quiz One Answers

New Testament Quiz One Answers

  1. The . in the East
    Answer: Star

  2. The Flight into ..
    Answer: Egypt

  3. Arrival of the at the Inn
    Answer: Samaritan

  4. The .. of the Innocents
    Answer: Massacre

  5. Jesus Questioning the .
    Answer: Doctors

  6. Jesus . the Sick
    Answer: Healing

  7. Sermon on the ..
    Answer: Mount

  8. Christ Stilling the .
    Answer: Tempest

  9. The Dumb Possessed
    Answer: Man

  10. Jesus and the Taken in Adultery
    Answer: Woman

  11.   in the Synagogue
    Answer: Christ

  12. The Disciples Plucking Corn on the .
    Answer: Sabbath

  13. Jesus . on the Water
    Answer: Walking

  14. Christ's .. into Jerusalem
    Answer: Entry

  15. Jesus And the . Money
    Answer: Tribute

  16. The Widow's .
    Answer: Mite

  17.  . of the Daughter of Jairus
    Answer: Raising

  18. The Good
    Answer: Samaritan

  19.  The .. Son
    Answer: Prodigal

  20.  Lazarus and the . Man
    Answer: Rich

  21.  The Pharisee and the Publican Death on the . Horse
    Answer: Pale

  22.  Paul Menaced by the .
    Answer: Jews

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