Bible Quiz Three Answers

Bible Quiz Three Answers

  1. What angel was sent by God to Jerusalem?
    Answer: Gabriel

  2. What does the word Jesus mean?
    Answer: Salvation

  3. Who saw the child Jesus when he was brought into the Temple, knew that he was the Saviour, and took him up in his arms?
    Answer: Simeon

  4. What woman also saw the child Jesus when he was brought to the temple and gave thanks to God?
    Answer: Anna

  5. To what blind man did Jesus give sight at Jericho?
    Answer: Br-ti-mus.

  6. What rich man at Jericho took Jesus to his house?
    Answer: Zacchaeus.

  7. Where did Jesus live while he was a boy?
    Answer: In Nazareth

  8. To what city was Jesus taken when he was twelve years old?
    Answer: Jerusalem

  9. At what trade did Jesus work when he became a man?
    Answer: Carpenter.

  10. After Jesus was baptized he went to the desert, What happened to Jesus?
    Answer: He went without any food for fourth days.

  11. What took place at Cana?
    Answer: A wedding.

  12. What four fishermen became disciples of Jesus?
    Answer: Peter, Andrew, James and John.

  13. Whom did Jesus heal by a touch?
    Answer: A leper.

  14. What did Jesus meet at the gate of the city of Nāin and what did he do?
    Answer: The funeral of a young man and he raised him to life.

  15. Who brought the news that Chrīst would soon come?
    Answer: The angel Gabriel

  16. What was the first parable given by Jesus?
    Answer: The parable of the Sower.

  17. Who baptized Jesus?
    Answer: John the Baptist

  18. With how many loaves did Jesus feed the four thousand people?
    Answer: Seven loaves.

  19. What does the word "Christ" mean?
    Answer: The Anointed One, the King.

  20. What does the parable of the Pounds show us that we should do?
    Answer: That we should work for Christ.

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