Bible Questions Quiz Three

Bible Questions Quiz Three

  1. What angel was sent by God to Jerusalem?

  2. What does the word Jesus mean?

  3. Who saw the child Jesus when he was brought into the Temple, knew that he was the Saviour, and took him up in his arms?

  4. What woman also saw the child Jesus when he was brought to the temple and gave thanks to God?

  5. To what blind man did Jesus give sight at Jericho?

  6. What rich man at Jericho took Jesus to his house?

  7. Where did Jesus live while he was a boy?

  8. To what city was Jesus taken when he was twelve years old?

  9. At what trade did Jesus work when he became a man?

  10. After Jesus was baptized he went to the desert, What happened to Jesus?

  11. What took place at Cana?

  12. What four fishermen became disciples of Jesus?

  13. Whom did Jesus heal by a touch?

  14. What did Jesus meet at the gate of the city of NāŽin and what did he do?

  15. Who brought the news that Chrīst would soon come?

  16. What was the first parable given by Jesus?

  17. Who baptized Jesus?

  18. With how many loaves did Jesus feed the four thousand people?

  19. What does the word "Christ" mean?

  20. What does the parable of the Pounds show us that we should do?

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