Bible Movies Questions Quiz

Bible Movies Questions Quiz

  1. What bible character did Charlton Heston play in the 1965 movie ‘The Greatest Story ever told’?

  2. Who played Moses in the 1998 version of the movie ‘The Prince of Egypt’?

  3. What year was the movie ‘The Passion of The Christ’ released?

  4. In the 1959 version of ‘Ben Hur’, what actress played Miriam?

  5. What actor starred as David in the 1985 movie ‘King David’?

  6. Charlton Heston starred in the movie ‘The Ten Commandments’. What year was it released?

  7. Who played the role of Marcellus Gallio in the 1953 movie ‘The Robe’?

  8. What year did Howard Keel star as Simon Peter in the movie ‘The Big Fisherman’?

  9. What actress played the role of Esther in the 1960 movie ‘Esther and the King’?

  10. In the 1966 version of the movie ‘The Bible’, who played Cain?


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