Bible Places Quiz Answers

Bible Places Quiz Answers

  1. Where was Jesus born?
    Answer: Bethlehem

  2. To what land was he taken, that his life might be saved from King Herod?
    Answer: Egypt

  3. Where did Jesus live as a boy?
    Answer: Nazareth

  4. In what place was Jesus found when only twelve years old?
    Answer: In the temple.

  5. In what river was Jesus baptized?
    Answer: Jordan

  6. Where was he tempted by Satan?
    Answer: In the wilderness.

  7. Where did Jesus perform his first miracle?
    Answer:At Cana in Galilee.

  8. In what land did Jesus preach during the first year of his teaching?
    Answer: Judea

  9. Where did Jesus talk with a woman by a well?
    Answer: In Samaria

  10. Where did Jesus preach during the second year of his teaching?
    Answer: In Galilee.

  11. Where did he live while he preached in Galilee?
    Answer: At Capernaum.

  12. On what sea did Jesus still the storm?
    Answer: Galilee.

  13. At what pool in Jerusalem did he heal a man who could not walk?
    Answer: The Pool of Bethesda.

  14. To what other pool at Jerusalem did he send a blind man to wash?
    Answer: To the Pool of Siloam.

  15. At what place in Galilee did he raise to life a widow's son?
    Answer: At Nain.

  16. Where did he feed five thousand people?
    Answer: Bethsaida.

  17. On what mountain did he show his glory?
    Answer: Mount Hermon.

  18. At what place did he raise Lazarus to life?
    Answer: Bethany.

  19. At what place did Jesus die on the cross?
    Answer: At Calvary

  20. From what mountain did Jesus go up to heaven?
    Answer: Mount of Olives

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