Bible Places Questions Quiz

Bible Places Questions Quiz

  1. Where was Jesus born?

  2. To what land was he taken, that his life might be saved from King Herod?

  3. Where did Jesus live as a boy?

  4. In what place was Jesus found when only twelve years old?

  5. In what river was Jesus baptized?

  6. Where was he tempted by Satan?

  7. Where did Jesus perform his first miracle?

  8. In what land did Jesus preach during the first year of his teaching?

  9. Where did Jesus talk with a woman by a well?

  10. Where did Jesus preach during the second year of his teaching?

  11. Where did he live while he preached in Galilee?

  12. On what sea did Jesus still the storm?

  13. At what pool in Jerusalem did he heal a man who could not walk?

  14. To what other pool at Jerusalem did he send a blind man to wash?

  15. At what place in Galilee did he raise to life a widow's son?

  16. Where did he feed five thousand people?

  17. On what mountain did he show his glory?

  18. At what place did he raise Lazarus to life?

  19. At what place did Jesus die on the cross?

  20. From what mountain did Jesus go up to heaven?

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