Early Christianity Printable Bible Study Questions

Early Christianity Printable Bible Questions

1. In what city were the followers of Christ after Jesus went to heaven?

2. On what day did the Holy Spirit come upon the disciples?

3. Who was the leader of the church in its early days?

4. Who died because they told a lie?

5. What good man was stoned to death?

6. What young man helped in the stoning of Stephen?

7. Who preached in Samaria after Stephen was killed?

8. Where did Saul become a believer in Christ?

9. What good woman was raised to life through the prayer of Peter?

10. To what Gentile or foreigner was Peter sent to preach the gospel?

11. How was Peter set free from prison in Jerusalem?

12. What church sent out the first missionaries to preach the gospel?

13. Who were the two missionaries sent out?

14. What island did Barnabas and Saul first visit in preaching the gospel?

15. By what name was Saul known after this?

16. Where were Paul and Barnabas first worshipped and then stoned?

17. In what city was the gospel first preached in Europe?

18. Where was Paul made a prisoner?

19. On what island was Paul shipwrecked?

20. To what city was Paul taken as a prisoner after being shipwrecked?

Early Christianity Printable Bible Study Questions

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