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The Bible
Everyone enjoys old, classic movies, including kids and young children, and some of the greatest epics have been made with Bible related themes. The characters, events and stories of the Bible come to life in the Bible movie. Have fun learning about Biblical characters and events.
This Bible Movie article provides facts and information about the making of the Bible movie with the main characters and the cast of The Bible. Info about how and when the great 'The Bible' movie was made, the music of the movie, who produced and directed the Bible movie and any fascinating facts about the film or its stars! Enjoy the 'The Bible' movie as part of a fun Bible study plan.

The Characters and the Cast of the Bible Movie
The cast of The Bible Bible based movie and the characters that the film stars portray is key to this great film. Can you imagine any other stars or famous actors and actresses playing the leading roles in The Bible? Probably not - but that's all part of the magic of the movies.

Cast List of the Bible Bible based Movie

  • Michael Parks - Adam Ulla Bergryd - Eve

  • Richard Harris - Cain

  • John Huston - Noah

  • Stephen Boyd - Nimrod

  • George C. Scott - Abraham

  • Ava Gardner - Sarah

  • Peter O'Toole - The Three Angels

  • Zoe Sallis - Hagar

  • Gabriele Ferzetti- Lot

  • Eleonora Rossi Drago - Lot's Wife

  • Franco Nero - Abel

  • Pupella Maggio - Noah's Wife

Facts and Info about the classic The Bible
The following facts and information about the classic movie The Bible provide a complete overview of the making of this great film.

  • Fact 1 - The Bible Film Genre: Bible based movie

  • Fact 2 - Running Time of Film: 174 minutes

  • Fact 3 - Date the film was released: 28 September 1966

  • Fact 4 - Name of Director: John Huston

  • Fact 5 - Name of Producer (s) : Dino De Laurentiis

  • Fact 6 - Screenplay written by: Christopher Fry

The Bible
This film article about The Bible provides facts and information about the making of the movie, the main characters and the cast of The Bible. Info about how and when the film was made, who produced and directed the picture and fascinating facts about the movie and its stars.

The Bible - A Free Christian Bible Study Resource
We hope that  the details of this Bible movie will provide useful information and ideas for those following a Bible Study plan. An ideal activity for an individual or a Christian Bible study group. Many of the best Biblical films will also prove useful as the basis for fun Sunday School lessons for Christian children and kids and a helpful fun learning aid to teens, youth or adults taking a Bible Study course. All information about the Bible Bible based movie is free to be used as an educational Christian Bible Study resource.

The Bible

The Bible

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The Bible

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