The Gospel Printable Bible Study Questions

The Gospel Printable Bible Questions

1. What great prophet was born a few months before Jesus?

2. Who was the father of John the Baptist?

3. Who was the mother of John the Baptist?

4. Who brought the news that Christ would soon come?

5. Who was the mother of Jesus?

6. Who heard the first news that Jesus Christ was born?

7. Who came from a far country and brought gifts to the child Jesus?

8. Who took up the child Jesus in the temple and gave thanks to God?

9. Who baptized Jesus?

10. Who tried to tempt Jesus to do wrong?

11. Who talked with Jesus at night in Jerusalem?

12. Who met Jesus by a well?

13. With what two sisters did Jesus stay near Jerusalem?

14. What brother of these two sisters did Jesus raise to life?

15. To what blind man did Jesus give sight at Jericho?

16. What rich man at Jericho took Jesus to his house?

17. Who poured costly perfume on the head of Jesus at a supper?

18. What disciple of Christ sold him to his enemies for money?

19. What ruler ordered that Jesus should be put to death on the cross?

20. Who first saw Jesus after he rose from the dead?

The Gospel Printable Bible Study Questions

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