Saul Printable Bible Study Questions

Saul Printable Bible Questions

1. To what place did Saul go, that he might break up the church there?

2. What took place on the journey?

3. Who spoke to Saul from out of the light?

4. What did the bright light do to Saul?

5. Who brought sight to Saul in Damascus?

6. What else did Ananias do to Saul?

7. What did Saul do at once when he became a believer in Christ?

8. What did the Jews of Damascus try to do when they found that Saul was preaching Christ?

9. How did Saul get away from the city of Damascus?

10. Where did Saul go from Damascus?

11. Where did he afterward go?

Saul Printable Bible Study Questions

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